About KATE

KATE LLC is the first Russian
developer and manufacturer
of automatic transmissions,
electric and hybrid transmissions
To develop the automotive industry of the Russian Federation, creating high-tech innovative vehicle components and systems
"KATE" today
We are a constantly developing company specialized in the creation of modern multispeed transmissions, reducers as well as the latest hybrid and electric transmissions for a wide range of vehicles. We provide professional technical support at any stage of the project, starting from research scientific works right down to the start of production. Our vast theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience allow us to be leaders in the domestic market.
Our company relies on a competent scientific business approach, so our team consists of a large number of professionals who actively and widely present their developments both in scientific books and magazines as well as at international exhibitions and conferences
7 Doctors and Candidates
of Engineering Sciences
35 Scientific publications on
research and development topics
60 Russian and international
patents for invention
Equipped in accordance with the modern requirements of automotive standards, we independently carry out all works related to the assembly and testing of prototypes of new products and systems at KATE LLC’s production sites, as well as manufacturing products in small series (Moscow) and industrial series (city of Kaliningrad).

Future plans

We create modern automatic transmissions, which already have significantly improved efficiency, and at the same time improve the fuel efficiency of cars as a whole using innovative solutions. For example, we use gear couplings instead of friction control elements and we refrain from using hydraulic torque converters.

Moreover, we are aware of the necessity and importance of finding breakthrough ways to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and to protect the environment. Therefore, we develop modular hybrid and electric transmissions for various types and classes of cars.
13 years of history

History of the company

The company was founded in 2004. We drew on the expertise and experience of the staff in the "Wheeled and tracked vehicles" department at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in the field of synthesis and design of planetary transmissions used in many types of heavy vehicles.

We became the first manufacturers of modern automatic transmissions in Russia.

Over the years, our company has been expanding its experience in research work and development engineering, we have developed partnerships with key co-implementers and suppliers, both Russian and foreign. Having the necessary experience, we have been developing testing and production facilities in Russia.

The results included the implemented projects of the 7-speed automatic transmission, 9-speed automatic transmission, and wheel reduction and traction gears for advanced types of electric transport.

Today, KATE LLC is a continuing participant in international transmission forums and symposiums and remains at the peak of the most modern ideas and developments.
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