Wheel reduction gear

For modern hybrid or electric trucks and buses.

Effective solution for expanding the possibilities of using the electric drive in the transmissions of modern vehicles

Effective solution for expanding the possibilities of using the electric drive in the transmissions of modern vehicles

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About the project

Wheel reduction gear is designed for use as part of a set of traction electrical equipment of electromechanical transmission of modern heavy-duty trucks or special platforms for transporting goods.

Wheel reduction gear works in combination with the electric motor, forming a modern electric motor-wheel. There are options for manufacturing the gearbox with the customer-tailored fixed transmission ratio, the maximum input torque of the motor up to 800 Nm, and the speed of rotation up to 4500 rpm.

Depending on the potential application, it is possible to choose the set option of the wheel reduction gear with the service braking system, parking brake, and tire inflation system.

The wheel reduction gear is suitable for various types of transmission of vehicles: hybrid, electric, with a drive or supply produced from the overhead system, in which traction electric motor-wheels are the main elements. The small overall dimensions of the wheel reduction gear in the axial direction allow for the bridge-type arrangement of the rear axle for low-floor city buses, and its use in driving the rotary wheels of multi-axle chassis and road trains with the least restrictions on the angle of rotation.

Such modern types of transmissions are actively developing, since they greatly facilitate the design of vehicles in terms of arrangement and release the useful space and weight for the goods being transported. Direct control of each electromotor-wheel allows to redistribute the torque and and provide the torque vectoring functionality to improve controllability and (if necessary) cross-country ability.

Wheel reduction gear can operate in forward and reverse mode, as well as pass power flow backwards, which makes it possible to use it in combination with an electric motor not only for regenerating the braking energy, but also as a retarder brake on long slopes. This multifunctionality makes it possible to significantly reduce the requirements for the retarder brake device right up to its abolition.

The wheel reduction gear is highly reliable and efficient

The built-in service braking system can be connected to the vehicle hydraulic pressure system, while the hydraulically actuated parking brake with high retention torque makes it possible to apply it as a universal solution for light and heavy trucks and buses. A tire inflation system arranged in the wheel can be a useful option for certain special conditions of vehicle use. The wheel reduction gear has been developed and tested completely by KATE team. Showing high reliability and efficiency, it is supplied to the customer in small batches to be adjusted to pilot versions of brand new AURUS vehicles. It is possible to use the wheel reduction gear in different climatic zones at ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 °C.

Technical Specifications

Number of gears 1
Maximum input shaft torque up to 800 N*m
Maximum input shaft speed up to 4500 rpm
Maximum parking brake retention torque up to 11000 N*m
Nominal efficiency 0.92
Type of the cooling system air
Type of service and parking brake drives hydraulic
1 up to 30


Advanced truck with electromechanical transmission

A truck equipped with a hybrid or electric transmission with electromotor-wheels has traction and dynamic characteristics that are significantly higher than vehicles with a manual transmission in its class: rapid acceleration, maintaining a stable high speed on the hills, distributing the traction vector along the sides, maintaining the vehicle's performance if the breakdown of parts of the electric motor-wheels occurs, and high maneuverability thanks to the individual control of the rotation of each wheel.
The combined use of the wheel reduction gear and electric motor allows for the creation of a wide range of arrangement solutions for vehicles varying from conventional two- and three-axis to multi-axle chassis and road-trains.

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