9-speed automatic transmission

for premium class longitudinal engine rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles.

Incredible power and impeccable comfort represent a perfect combinatin of technology for luxury premium class cars

Невероятная мощность и безупречный комфорт – совершенство технологий для роскошных автомобилей представительского класса

Incredible power and impeccable comfort represent a perfect combinatin of technology for luxury premium class cars

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Large housing parts produced by the high-precision aluminum casting and precision machining method

Parts of complex spatial shape produced by the machining method

Planetary gear set parts produced by hobbing

The parts of the toothed clutch produced by the hobbing method

Thin-walled cylindrical parts produced by flow forming

Rotatry disk parts produced by turning

Straight stepped rotary parts with deep holes inside and external splines produced by turning, milling, and deep drilling

Rotatry disk parts produced by stamping

A key control element consisting of hydraulic plates produced by casting and precision aluminum machining and valves produced by turning, galvanizing, and grinding

Gear pump of simple and reliable design with high performance

The transmission locking mechanism consists of a section related to the automatic transmission selector, a drive consisting of a lever, a linkage, a wedge bush, and a gust lock: a latch mounted on the axle in the crankcase and a toothed ring of the locking mechanism mounted on the output shaft of the automatic transmissions

Round high-precision large-diameter rectangular cross-section rings produced by strip winding followed by heat treatment

About the project

The new multispeed automatic transmission is specially designed for the AURUS premium-class all-wheel drive and longitudinal engine car line.

The automatic transmissions provides high efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced emissions thanks to the implemented innovative solution for the start device and a wide kinematic range provided by a unique patented kinematic scheme.

Instead of the traditional torque converter for starting the car, one of the friction control elements, which are responsible for the gear changes, is used. The strengthened design allows the transmission to run together with an engine with a power of over 600 kW and a torque of 1,000 N*m.

The most modern design approaches and automotive transmission trends are used in the automatic transmission design, such as the use of a gear clutch as one of the control elements and direct pressure control in friction control elements.

The first Russian R932 9-speed automatic transmission for premium class passenger cars

Since the end of 2013, the development of the concept of a 9-speed automatic transmissions under the project for the creation of a new line of Russian “F” passenger cars on a Unified Modular Platform (Cortege) began. The detailed design documentation was developed in accordance with world standards for as early as next year, and the first prototypes of the automatic transmissions, which received the index KATE R932, were assembled and put on the bench. Alongside conducting bench tests, cars (mules) for debugging the unit operation and its control system in real movement modes were prepared. Effective bench and within-car tests allowed us to quickly identify the design flaws in the first prototypes and take them into account in the production of the second series of automatic transmissions, which were intended not only for passing a full cycle of bench tests, including resource, climatic, and other ones, but also for equipping prototypes of EMP cars. They were presented to the public in 2016 at the Moscow International Motor Show.

All AURUS cars are equipped with a Russian KATE 9-speed automatic transmissions

These AT showed itself well during the road tests. The data obtained during the full test cycle formed the basis for the development of the AT's serial design, samples of which were presented to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation D. V. Manturov in autumn 2017. They also aggregated subsequent prototypes of cars of the EMP family. On May 7, 2018, during the inauguration of the newly elected President of the Russian Federation, the new premium class cars manufactured in Russia under the brand AURUS were launched around the world. All AURUS cars are equipped with a KATE 9-speed automatic transmission and operated by a RF FPS special-purpose parking garage. As early as 2019, AURUS Senat cars will be available to the public.

Technical Specifications

Number of forward gears 9
Number of reverse gears 1
Transmission ratio spread 8,837
Maximum input shaft torque 1000 N*m (1200 N*m*)
Maximum input shaft speed 6000 rpm
Maximum input shaft power 630 kW
Overall dimensions of automatic transmission (Length x Width x Height) 729 mm x 423.5 mm x 453 mm
Estimated efficiency (min. 1st gear/max. 6th gear) 0,908 / 0,978
Estimated life 250,000 km
Type of oil (specification) Dexron VI
Prototype weight 138 kg
1 5,85
2 3,02
3 2,04
4 1,51
5 1,21
6 1,0
7 0,85
8 0,75
9 0,66
R -5,96


AURUS Senat, Arsenal cars

The series of Russian-made premium class cars by AURUS is developed on a unified modular platform and includes limousine models Senat Limousine, Senat sedan, Arsenal minibus, and off-road car Komendant. All cars are equipped with a petrol 4.4-liter V8 engine with a capacity of 598 hp, a KATE 9-speed automatic transmission, a 46 kW electric motor built in between them, and a constant four-wheel drive. Both ordinary and protected versions of the vehicles are available.

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